Keep Garage Door Photo Eyes Clean & Unobstructed

Garage door photo eyes are an important safety feature for all garage door openers. Garage door photo eyes are small transmitters and receivers that are located at the base of each side of the door. They send out an invisible light beam across the opening to detect any obstruction in the path of the door. When an obstruction is detected, it sends a signal back to the opener to pause or reverse its direction. Preventing injuries or property damage from occurring due to closing on objects in its path. Garage doors that don’t have this safety feature can be dangerous. This is why its critical owners ensure their doors are equipped with functioning photo eyes to ensure a safe operation.

Cleaning Photo Eyes

Garage door photo eyes are a crucial feature in any functioning garage door system, serving as an important safety feature. Photo eyes detect obstacles that may otherwise be missed and prevent it from closing when necessary. To ensure that these photo eyes work properly, it’s important to periodically clean them of dirt, dust, or other debris that could interfere with their performance. To effectively clean the photo eyes, use a soft cloth to remove any dirt buildup, and make sure there are no obstructions. Also, Garage door photo eyes should be cleaned every 6-12 months or whenever they appear particularly dirty, depending on environmental conditions and usage. Taking the time to clean them can help ensure your garage door is running safely and efficiently all year round!

Keeping Photo Eyes Unobstructed

Garage door photo eyes are an important safety feature for any garage, helping to prevent dangerous accidents or property damage. Unfortunately, a variety of objects can obstruct these eyes and cause them to stop functioning properly. Common culprits include boxes, leaves, snow and dirt on the garage floor at the same level as the photo eye. To ensure that it stays unobstructed, it is important to keep the area around them clean and clear of debris. Also, regularly inspecting your Garage Door Photo Eyes will help alert you to any potential obstructions preventing proper function. Taking these basic steps can help eliminate the need for a service call to have a technician come out to your home or business to move a box or sweep away some leaves.

Garage Door Photo Eyes are an important safety feature for your garage door and should be inspected periodically to ensure they remain unobstructed and clean. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to inspect your Photo Eyes can go a long way in ensuring the safe operation of your garage door system and eliminating the need for having a technician coming to your home or business.

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