It Wont Open Or Close: Check the Garage Door Power

If your garage door won’t open or close, it may be a garage door power issue. You will want to check to see if the opener is plugged into an outlet and that there is power to the outlet. If not, check your circuit breaker or fuse box. You may need to reset a tripped breaker or replace a blown fuse. If there is power to the outlet, unplug the opener and plug it back in. This may reset the opener and solve the problem. If your garage door still won’t open or close, contact a professional for service. A trained technician can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and safely.

If your garage door won’t open or close, the first thing you should check is the power supply.

If you’re having trouble with your garage door not opening or closing, the very first thing you should look into is the power supply. It’s most commonly a problem with the opener, so start there. Garage doors are equipped with electrical openers powered by a cord running to an outlet. Make sure to check the source and ensure they have been connected properly. If all else fails, seek out the help of a professional in order to get your garage door running again quickly and efficiently.

If the power is off, check to see if there’s a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home, excited to finally get into the house after a long day! Only to find out that the power has gone off and your automatic garage door won’t open. It’s natural in a situation like this to quickly search for the source of the power outage, and thankfully, it usually doesn’t take long to locate a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Checking these first is crucial when experiencing an unexpected lack of power because it usually solves the problem quickly. Though it may seem simpler to try other solutions first like replacing the batteries of your garage door remote or wiggling some wire connections, you’ll be happy you saved yourself time and energy by checking for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker right away.

Your Garage Door Motor may be Malfunctioning

If you find your garage door has stopped working despite the fact that the power is on, it’s likely that the motor unit is malfunctioning. In many cases, malfunctions of this kind are caused by damage to the connector wires or a worn belt. It’s important to inspect both the wires and belt for signs of wear and tear before seeking out a replacement motor unit, as these two components are far less expensive and easier to replace than their motor counterpart. Many times, if one of these two components is replaced or repaired then your garage door will start working again without needing to buy a whole new motor unit.

Check The Tracks-There Could Be An Obstruction

It’s frustrating when your garage door won’t open or close properly. Before you call in the professionals, it’s important to check if there is something preventing the door from moving. Take a look at the tracks and look for any kind of obstruction. Be sure to clear away any dirt, leaves, or other debris that may have gathered over time as these can all stop a garage door from operating as expected. If this doesn’t fix your issue, then you should call in an expert with experience in garage doors who will be able to diagnose and solve your problem quickly and easily.

It May Be Time To Call A Professional

If you’ve been having trouble with a particular problem and none of your own attempts to fix it have worked. It may be time to take the next step and call a professional. It’s may be tempting to try and handle everything on your own, but if you can’t get it done after trying several different solutions, engaging the help of an experienced expert is definitely the way to go. With the professional knowledge and experienced skill set of a trusted expert, you can rest assured that your problem will be solved in no time. Click here to see other reasons why garage doors doesn’t open or close.


There are a few things you can try if your garage door isn’t working properly. First, check the power supply to make sure that the door is getting power. If the power is off, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If the power is on and the door still won’t work, there could be a problem with the motor unit. Another thing to check is to see if there’s an obstruction in the tracks that could be preventing the door from opening or closing properly. If none of these solutions work, it’s time to call a professional for help! Contact Doorco today for all of your garage door needs. Here raise your door experience to the next level!

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