Garage Threshold Seals: When to Replace and Why

Garage door owners rely heavily on the threshold seal to help keep eco-unfriendly elements such as wind, water, snow, and dust out of their homes. Unfortunately, over time wear and tear can start to compromise the integrity of these seals. Garage door threshold seals need to be evaluated on a annual basis for potential signs of damage like discoloration or cracks. If ignored or not addressed properly, the consequences can eventually lead to a rodent highway in and out of your home along with unwelcomed cold air. Especially during our bitter cold Duluth, MN Winters!  

When to Replace

Garage doors are an important component of many homes and businesses. Because they provide security to the interior, it is important that their seals are maintained and replaced when necessary. The threshold seal is a key element in keeping moisture out of the garage, as well as blocking drafts, small animals, dust, and debris. Over time the threshold seal can deteriorate or be poorly installed leaving gaps that can let in unwanted elements. In addition, materials used in making the seal can eventually lose their effectiveness over time. Replacing an outdated threshold seal should always be included when inspecting a garage door for any necessary repairs on an annual basis to determine the condition. Threshold seals may only last for 2 years in extreme conditions. However they tend to last much longer than that.

Reasons to Replace

Garage door threshold seals are an important part of protecting your home from damage caused by weather and pests. When it’s time to replace them, considering the benefits of doing so should be paramount. Not only will you better protect your home, but replacing threshold seals can also prevent costly repairs down the line. With regular inspections and maintenance, you will ensure that your garage door threshold seal keeps out water, dirt, debris and unwanted critters from entering your home!


In conclusion, Threshold seals are a key element in keeping out moisture, debris and pests from your home. Also, they should be evaluated annually to ensure they are still protecting your home effectively. With proper maintenance and attention, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your living space safe and secure. So, don’t wait until it’s too late, inspect your seals and replace them when needed – you’ll be glad you did!  

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