The Top 5 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break.

There are a few reasons why garage door springs might break. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five reasons why springs fail. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why springs break!

Excessive Wear & Tear

Garage door springs are designed to last for 10,000 cycles, but they can still wear out over time due to constant use and exposure to the elements. If your garage door is used frequently or has not been serviced regularly, the springs may be more prone to failure as they age.


Garage door springs are exposed to the elements and can become corroded over time. This corrosion can weaken the springs, making them more prone to breakage. If your springs have not been regularly cleaned or lubricated, they may be more susceptible to corrosion.


Garage door springs are designed to handle a certain amount of tension. If the springs are overstretched due to heavy use or improper installation, they will break.


When it’s cold outside, the metal contracts, putting extra stress on the springs. This can cause them to break. In fact, statistics show that more garage door springs break in the winter than at any other time of year.

Poor Maintenance

Garage door springs require regular maintenance in order to remain in good working condition. If your door has not been serviced regularly, the springs may become weakened over time due to lack of lubrication. Other issues that might arise from poor maintenance.

If you have noticed that your door isn’t working properly, it is important to identify and fix the problem as soon as possible. Understanding why garage door springs might break can help you take preventive measures to ensure that yours remain in good condition for years to come. If you are having any issues with your garage door, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a professional to ensure that all components are in good working order. With proper maintenance and care, you can keep your garage door functioning safely and reliably.

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