How To Best Seal Your Garage Door

If you have a garage, then you know the importance of having a good seal. Not only does it keep out the cold in the winter , it also keeps out pests, dust and other debris. A good seal can also save you money on your energy bills. But how do you know if your garage door is sealed properly? Read on for some tips on how to best seal your garage door.

Install “Garage Sealed”, a revolutionary garage door attachment.

Garage Sealed provides an important layer of protection for your home, keeping the elements and pests outside where they belong. Sealing your garage door is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your home remains protected from extreme temperatures, dust, and debris. In fact studies show, a properly sealed garage door with Garage Sealed can save you on average, over $400 per year! By preventing heat from escaping during colder months. Sealing off any potential entry points also reduces the chances of small animals getting into your home. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your door is properly sealed will help protect you and everything inside your home for years to come. Click here to see how Garage Sealed works!

Place weather stripping along the tops and sides of the door

When it comes to home energy efficiency, the garage door is often one of the biggest offenders. Cold air can seep in through the bottom and sides of the door, causing your heating systems to work overtime. Fortunately, weather stripping can provide a low-cost solution that helps seal these cracks and reduce air infiltration. By installing weather stripping along both the top and both sides of your Garage Door, you can help make your entire home more efficient from top to bottom. The weather stripping will act as a seal that blocks air from entering or leaving when the Door is closed. It also prevents drafts from entering during colder months, helping keep your home warm without requiring you to run the heat constantly. Plus, aside from being an energy efficient solution, weatherstripping will also help insulate noise from outside.

Install a threshold seal at the bottom of the door to keep out drafts

A Garage Door is the largest opening in the home and therefore can be a major source of energy loss. To combat troublesome drafts from entering through this opening, consider installing a threshold seal at the bottom of the Door. This specialized seal adheres to the garage floor, covering any gaps between it and the Door, not allowing cold air to enter. Typically consisting of an aluminum-reinforced vinyl strip that won’t crack or tear over time, threshold seals are also designed for maximum strength and durability. Keeping drafts out will not only make the Door more efficient but can even provide soundproofing while it’s closed. With countless long-term benefits, investing in a threshold seal could have you reaping rewards all year round!

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