Why Garage Doors Stop Working in the Winter

Do you find that your garage door works great during the warmer season? However, when winter sets in does your garage door seem to come to a grinding halt, or even worse it doesn’t open at all? In this blog, you will find the 3 most common reasons why your garage door(s) tend to stop working during the winter months.

1. Your garage door spring may be broken

Garage door springs are known to break when really cold weather sets in. The extreme temperatures cause the spring to become brittle. When the weight of the door is placed on a brittle spring during the opening or closing of the door, the spring tends to fail. See the Top 5 reasons why springs break.

2. Your metal door parts can contract in size with the cold

When the cold weather sets in, various metal parts such as your garage door spring, tracks, roller bearings, etc. will contract causing your door(s) to seize up, not allowing the door to open. The number one way to allow your garage door to operate freely during the winter months is to apply the proper lubricate to ensure your garage door operates smoothly and on demand.

3. Your garage door may be improperly Lubricated

Make sure to apply the proper lubricants! Placing lubricants such a grease that you found in the back of your garage cabinet is not the answer, in fact you are better off doing nothing at all! Grease will gum up your garage door system and even freeze adding to the current problem at hand. Listed under “lubricants you should use on your garage door” you will find what lubricants we use on a daily basis when servicing our clients. Make sure to apply the lubricant to the following touch points, rollers, hinges, garage door spring, headroom and garage door opener chain.

Lubricants you should use on your garage door

  • Lightweight oil lubricant
  • WD-40
  • JB80
  • Blaster Garage Door Lubricant

Lubricants you should not use on your garage doors

  • General Purpose Grease
  • Bearing Grease

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