Consequences of an Improperly lubricated Garage Door

When it comes to home maintenance, it’s easy to overlook the small things. But if you want your garage door system to perform optimally, one of those small steps is lubricating parts of the system regularly. Not doing so can lead to some serious consequences – increased wear and tear on parts, decreased efficiency, and even potential damage and injury. Read on to learn more about the importance of a properly lubricated garage door and how to do it properly.

Definition and purpose of Garage Door Lubrication

Garage Door lubrication is an important part of maintaining the smooth functioning of a garage door. Lubricants help to reduce friction, wear and noise associated with the parts of the door that move and come into contact with each other, such as the springs, openers, rollers and hinges. Garage Door lubricants also help to repel moisture so dirt and dust do not build up which can cause damage to the components. Regular Garage Door lubrication helps minimize future repair costs by aiding in keeping all of its components working properly.

Benefits of Properly Lubricating a Garage Door

Garage door lubrication can be an effective step to keep your garage door in good condition. Regularly lubricating the components of a garage door can reduce the chance of mechanical failure or derailing and help maintain smooth, consistent operation. As a result, it allows for optimal performance when opening and closing the garage door. Furthermore, properly lubricating your garage door will extend its lifespan, save energy by using less power to open and close the system efficiently, and increase safety by minimizing the risk of malfunctioning parts. Garage door lubrication is an easy task that can provide considerable benefits in terms of increased efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Consequences of Not Properly Lubricating a Garage Door

Garage door lubrication is an important tip for keeping your garage door functioning smoothly and safely. Without proper lubrication, wear and tear on the parts will accelerate and can cause a number of problems down the line. Garage doors essentially consist of moving parts that require regular maintenance in order to sustain their functionality. Lubricating garage door mechanisms, such as tracks, chains or cables, should be done every 6-12 months to prevent binding, corrosion, squeaking and other damages that may easily affect the performance of your Garage door. Neglecting proper lubrication can result in more intensive repair needs, shortened lifespan on parts and even causing you garage door to come off it tracks all avoidable with a preventative maintenance schedule complete with regular Garage Door lubrication.

Risk of Damage and Injury to You or Your Family Members

Garage doors are one of the heaviest and most used pieces of equipment in our homes. If a garage door lacks regular lubrication, it can become a serious safety risk for homeowners and their families. Garage doors left without proper maintenance are more prone to sudden breaks or malfunction. Resulting in grave personal injury and considerable damage to property in the case of a garage door coming completely off it rails . It is important that homeowners take preventative measures such as lubricating the springs, tracks, rollers and other components semi-annually to maintain the highest standards of safety while using their garage doors.

How to Properly Lubricate a Garage Door

A properly lubricated garage door is paramount in preserving the life and efficiency of your garage door’s many moving parts. Proper lubrication is key to keeping these parts from drying out, rusting or seizing up and making the door difficult to open. To ensure you are properly caring for your garage door, utlize lightweight oil lubricant such as WD-40 or JB80. Never use a grease type product as that may collect dust and dirt. Pay special attention to joints, hinges and rollers, as those areas tend to require the most frequent re-lubrication. Following this plan of attack will help keep your garage door running smoothly!


Garage door lubrication is an essential maintenance task for any homeowner. By following this guide and properly lubricating your garage door, you can ensure its longevity and reduce the likelihood of damage and injury. Regularly performing this preventative measure will also help keep energy costs low while keeping your home secure. Give your garage door the care it deserves and take the time to lubricate it! To learn more about what causes garage doors to stop working, click here.

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