Garage Door Springs-Excessive Wear & Tear

We all take our home’s garage door for granted, but it’s an integral part of our home’s security and convenience. An important part of any functioning garage door is the springs. While they are often overlooked, these springs work hard to open and close the door every time. But what happens when they unexpectedly break due to excessive wear and tear? Let’s take a look at why this occurs and what you can do about it.

Causes of Excessive Wear & Tear on Garage Door Springs

The main reason for excessive wear and tear on a garage door spring is age. Just like anything else, as time passes, parts break down more quickly. The average life expectancy for high-quality torsion springs is 10,000 cycles or 5-7 years—whichever comes first. With such a short life span, springs eventually need to be replaced in order to keep your garage functioning properly. Curious about other contributing factors that cause garage door spring springs to break? Click here.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do, is to make sure your springs are evaluated and serviced on a yearly basis, so that you can determine if they need to have them replaced before they break completely or become too weak to do their job properly. If you find yourself in this situation it would be wise to contact a garage door service provider who can give you advice on what type of spring system would work best for your particular model of garage door. Also, install it correctly so that you don’t have any future issues with it not working correctly.

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